EAMV is the first medical supplies manufacturer in Sub-Saharan Africa

About EAMV

EAMV is the leading medical consumables manufacturing firm in Sub Saharan Africa providing long – term, sustainable access to high quality, safe and affordable medical consumables.

EAMV is committed to the production and delivery of high-quality products that will meet all local, regional and international certifications and standards.

What Inspired our Journey

Public health facilities typically face shortages in medical supplies especially gloves. The results stretch all the way from secondary infections and deaths to the breakdown of staff morale of and even doctor and nurse strikes.

Three companies, Legacy Group, Asigma Capital and Vvsaol Investments Limited decided to fill this gap by creating EAMV to manufacture the formerly imported quality consumables locally.

Local production and affordable pricing will result in increased access to medical supplies, thereby improved health outcomes. Local production is a key strategy for sustained access to quality-assured medicines, medical devices and consumables.

How We Do What We Do

We know that all we do is toward the lives and health of the people of Africa. We make sure that we observe good manufacturing practices that meet the standards set by local and international certification bodies in the fields of:

  • Knowledge, skills and performance
  • Safety and quality
  • Communication, partnership and teamwork
  • Maintaining trust

We manufacture in a controlled environment, with limited human access to ensure cleanliness of the product and to prevent airborne contamination. We use treated water for our production process.

Ours is an eco-friendly company. We are determined to limit our carbon footprint on the planet by using and constantly integrating environment friendly technology and managing our disposal systems to the highest technical standards. Our production water discharge complies with the rigorous NEMA (National Environment Management Authority) standards.

Our Vision

To be the leading medical consumables manufacturing firm in the Sub – Saharan Africa.


To provide long – term, sustainable access to high quality and affordable medical consumables to improve health outcomes.

Francis Byaruhanga


"EAMV was created to serve a purpose. To help the healthcare sector in the region get the supplies it needs to thrive."


Our board of directors is a mix of experience and regional expertise in building impactful business ventures. EAMV has recruited a technical management team from Malaysia, the top producer of medical gloves in the world.

Ben Kavuuya

Executive Chairman

Brian Kavuya

Managing Director

Grace Kavuya


Moshe Ssebatindira


David Nanambi Wakyiku


Benjamin Kizza


Francis Byaruhanga


Patrick Kabonero


Andrew Mukungu

Company Pharmacist/ Director

Cyril James

Senior Engineering Manager

Abdullah Tan bin Abdullah

Senior Manager ETO & Packing

Faizurah Noor Binti Jamaluddin

Deputy Manager Quality Control
  • Excellence

    We have high standards. We execute on the details. We take pride in our work.

  • Collaboration

    We share our vision. We work openly to figure things out in order to win as a team. We know we all are better together.

  • Integrity

    We hold ourselves to a higher moral and ethical standard. We consider empathy a must.

  • Synergy

    We aspire to be a leader in the field, earning for ourselves in the region the professional trust and respect, as well as genuine admiration of our peers and stakeholders